![[publish_flower.jpg]] # Welcome! > [!Tip] Hello! > My name is [[suit.jpg|Robert]] and I look forward to working with you during your journey of change. The journey can be intimidating at first, so I felt that it was important to provide some content for you to learn [[About|a bit about me]], my [[Approaches|philosophy for therapy]], [[Financial Info|financial]] [[Private Pay|options]], and other areas so that you could make an informed choice. > > Using the links to the left or in the dropdown, please feel free to look through the information that I have provided. If you find an initial curiosity about ways that we may be able work together, please [[Contact Info and Location|contact me]]. --- > [!tip] Options for Sessions > I provide in-person sessions, with some availability for tele-behavioral health. When contacting me, please make sure that you let me know which you prefer or if a mixture is preferred. > > *For me to provide tele-behavioral health, you must be located in the state of Georgia.* --- > [!info] [[Contact Info and Location|Contact Information]] > - ## Phone Number: <a href="tel:706-352-9437">706-352-9437</a> > - ## Fax Number: <a href="tel:855-461-3233">855-461-3233</a> > - I have confidential voice mail and secure fax. > - Texting is not a secure form of communication, similar to email. > - ## Email: [email protected] or <a href="mailto: [email protected]">Click to Compose</a> > - Email is not a secure form of communication so please do not send any private information. > - ## [Simple Practice](https://rjrlcsw.clientsecure.me) > - You may use this link to request an appointment. > - ## [Psychology Today](https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/robert-j-ross-athens-ga/290031) > - Here is some additional information about me.